Crochet Fusion Blanket

I still do not have a completed project to show, but I decided to talk about an ongoing one because it gives me a chance to test the gallery mode. It puts the thumbnails in little circles, and you can click to see a slideshow of the pictures. You may notice when you do this that I took pictures of the crumpled blocks I was working on without pressing first.

So, my crochet fusion blanket is progressing very slowly. I had a charm pack of “Oh Cherry Oh” from Moda that I couldn’t figure out what to do with. Per usual, I got it because it was cute but had no project to put it in. Then, I saw Sewing Daisies’ crochet fusion blanket. It combines sewing with crochet, and makes a very cute blanket. It even spawned a sew-along with a Flickr group.

Anyway, with a project in mind, I found some flannel fabric the matches the color palette exactly. The flannel will go on the backs of each square, with another square of white flannel in between to prevent colors from showing through. The original suggests doing a blanket stitch to attach the crochet border, but I’m doing a chain stitch instead. Judging by my current rate of stitching around each block, I will be finished with this step approximately 2025.

Chain stitching around the blocks - slow going!

Chain stitching around the blocks – slow going!

After much dithering, I have also finally chosen a border from Around the Corner Crochet Borders (#88 if you’re curious). Only one block has the crochet border so far, but it is actually much easier than the tedious chain-stitching.

Crochet border - first block done!

Crochet border – first block done!

I’ve been working in spurts sort of, and going back and forth between the steps. One block is totally done, about ten are sewn together, and six have the chain stitching. Before sewing any more, I think I should lay both sides out so I can check color placement. Then I can finish sewing them together (hopefully with more accurate seams this time!) and chain stitch them. In 2025, when the chain-stitching is done, I can crochet the borders and join them.


2 thoughts on “Crochet Fusion Blanket

  1. 🙂 It looks good! Good luck with the projects. I’m still trying to finish the binding on my place mats. The ones that I’ve had done for approximately like 4 months. No wait, 3 months. Yes, it’s only been 3 months. Just because I don’t want to finish sewing on the binding by hand. Maybe I’ll finish them by the time John comes. Hah. I like the blog! 🙂

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