Winter Stitching: Rugs and Hot Water Bottles

Rug supplies

Rug Making Supplies – wool strips and large crochet hook

So here I am, slinking back ashamedly to post about my meager winter projects: I crocheted a rug (several months ago) and made a hot water bottle cover (last weekend). I’ll start with the rug, since that was finished first. At some point in the distant past, Mom sent home a box of rug strips that belonged to Grandma. She couldn’t make rugs from them anymore, so they were passed on to me. I decided a simple crochet rug would be fast and easy, especially with the strips already done. When I opened the box, I found that “rug strips” was a bit of an exaggeration. There were lots of random scraps, some strips of old jeans, and a few strips/scraps of wool (according to the burn test).  I had what I thought was a large pile of wool strips, a big hook, and directions for crocheting an oval from the old Reader’s Digest Complete Guide to Needlework (the one with all the hideous 70’s projects).

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Finished Baby Beanie

Finished baby beanie – close up of flower

Thus far, this blog has not succeeded in shaming me into working on projects. But I did get the little beanie finished in time for the baby shower! They had also asked for favorite baby books in lieu of cards, so I added Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar. I just had to look up how to spell caterpillar. From what I remember, I actually used to pronounce it “catapittle,” maybe that’s why I still can’t spell it.

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Practice Baby Beanie

Flower detailMy friend is expecting a baby girl in October, so I’ve been going through baby projects on my Pinterest boards. I decided to try Stephanie MacDerment’s Emery Beanie first, since all the reviews promised it was very easy (I haven’t actually completed a crochet project yet, except for the border of one square for the fusion blanket, so I thought I should start small). The popcorn flower pattern is from B. Hooked Crochet. Continue reading