Indigo Dyeing Workshop

I wanted to start my blog with a brilliant finished project, but I don’t have any (which is why the blog was started in the first place). So, here are some pictures of fabric from an indigo dyeing workshop held at the International Quilt Study Center in Nebraska. They had an exhibit of quilts made from indigo fabric and a special workshop where we saw samples and tried dyeing fabric ourselves.

Many of the examples were of shibori, a Japanese method of resist-dyeing (like a very fancy version of tie-dye). Actually, this post will mostly be about shibori instead of indigo. My favorite was the arashi shibori sample. It has the most wonderful feel, because it still has the texture from being folded and tied. Arashi shibori is made by wrapping the cloth on the bias around a pole, and then wrapping with thread and twisting it to create the pattern. As you can see from the sample, they are very precise about it.

Arashi shibori - sample

Arashi shibori – sample

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